Hawaii Ocean Project: Best Lahaina Restaurants

We've all got to eat, so we may as well enjoy it as much as we can. When you're on vacation, it can be hard to know which restaurants are worth trying and which could end up a disappointment. That's why it helps to get the inside scoop from local residents. Seeing as we operate our Maui ocean tour business from the scenic Lahaina Harbor in Lahaina Town, we have some suggestions for nearby restaurants to try while you're in this wonderful part of the island. We'll start with the top affordable options and work our way up in price.

Moderately Priced Lahaina Restaurants

Sometimes we're in the mood for a scenic restaurant with ambiance and character along with tasty food. These tend to fall into the moderately priced dining tier, like the following much-loved restaurants of Lahaina.

Down The Hatch

A bit more upscale than the others but still in the same general price range, this restaurant features a vibrant array of local flavors combined with American basics. The quality of their ingredients is matched by their beautiful presentation.

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