2nd Friday w/Bluephoric Photography

Down the Hatch 2nd Friday, May 12th, 2017!


DTH-Maui will feature Bluephoric Photography, the work of local photographers Sean Atkins & Travis Copeland for Lahaina's 2nd Friday, starting @ 5pm! All of Sean & Travis' photographs on display will be for sale. 

Sean Atkins & Travis Copeland will have one of his pieces for sale, benefiting the Lahaina Art Association, Youth Outreach Program. Supporting local all around, join us Down the Hatch!

Join us for an evening of Art & "Fresh Squeezed" cocktails, prepared by house craftsmen Adam Rio & Bree Richardson. Starting at 6pm Rio & Bree design a new cocktail menu each week.

Artist Statement:

Bluephoric Photography, featuring work from Sean Atkins & Travis Copeland

Our mission is to use our cameras to encapsulate an experience that cannot be repeated nor replicated. 

A place where clocks seem to stop, and the world moves around you in a timeless space.

A moment when surreal inner peace is born from breaking down the walls of our comfort zones. 

A moment of duende. 

We chase these moments of duende by immersing ourselves under the waves and into the deep. We escape the shallow, monotonous reality of our day to day routine with the vast, unfamiliar reality of our blue planet. The ocean is the lifeblood of this planet, and it flows no differently through our veins. See what the ocean has to offer us for yourselves. Step into our world of bliss through our photographs.