4/20 Munchie Menu ALL DAY LONG!

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Down The Hatch celebrating 4/20 with CBD Cocktails & Build Your Own MAUI WOWIE WAFFLES!

Enjoy the haze ALL... DAY... LONG... on 4/20 we'll have CBD Cocktails & WAFFLES! Serving from 7:30a 'til 12a.

Build your own Maui Wowie Waffles for only $12! Choose from Sweet & Savory toppings and make the munchies of your dreams.

We always have Craft Cocktails with CBD OIL Down The Hatch but on 4/20 we'll have a specialty Munchie Menu with CBD Cocktails, including Mocha S'mores, Mochi Ice Cream, Dreamcicle, DTH Blizzard & more!

Of course, whatever cravings you might have, we'll hopefully be able to accommodate you with our FULL MENU. Don't worry we make sure things are made too perfection, no half-baked or too crispy... it'll be just right on 4/20 Down The Hatch.