DTH Battle of the Seaman


DTH is at is again! All hand hoay!

DTH has invites you to the 1st Annual Battle of the Seaman. The most seaworthy pirates & bearded ladies have been selected to compete on October 22nd @ 8:30p for the nautical challenge involving knot tying and sailor trivia at DTH.

Each participant will be competing in 3 challenges.

Challenge #1 Knot tying competition, participants will be tested on 3 of the most common used knots, which will be given at the time of the competition. Speed is of the essence in this challenge.

Challenge #2 If the competitor passes the first challenge then the competitor will move to the next challenge with a series of historical nautical sailing terms, fastest to answer wins.

Challenge #3
Final Round - Creative Knots! The sailor with the most creative knot wins, 4 minutes to complete the knot.

Who: Seaman/Sea woman from your Vessels
What: Nautical Challenge involving knot tying and sea knowledge, test skills amongst Lahaina's sailors.
Where: Down The Hatch
When: Tuesday, October 22nd @ 8:30p
Why: Determine Lahaina's Finest Sailor
Prizes $$$: Yeti Cooler, Pelican & Columbia Gear, Rash guards

Judges will evaluate & determine the winner. (Judges TBA)

1st Place - Master & Commander will receive a Yeti Cooler
2nd Place - Quartermaster will receive a Pelican Waterproof Bag
3rd Place - Boatswain will receive a Columbia Gift Card

All deckhands contestants will receive a rash guard from DTH.

Tipsy pirates tell no tales!

Do you have an inquiry? Email info@dthmaui.com