Monday Night Surf Movies with Philippe Chagas!


Come see premiere footage of Philippe Chagas & Local Maui Surfers during another edition of Monday Night Surf Movies at Down The Hatch on Monday, February 25th, the fundraiser starts at 10p & the films will be shown during the 10p & 11p hours.

Feature Film Surfers:

Philippe Chagas, Dusty Payne, Randy Welch (Goose), Coconut Willie, Summer Macedo, Abby Balmus, Braiden Maither, Ocean Macedo, Kevin Sullivan, Granger Larsen, Kea, & more!

DTH Maui is now sponsoring Surfer Philippe Chagas as he sets out to compete in the 2019 Men's Qualifying Series. As a resident of Maui, DTH is lucky to have Philippe as part of the DTH Family & we're stoked to sponsor him in his professional surfing career and host this fundraiser to do so.


Philippe Chagas dos Santos, 22

Aug 04 1996

Professional surfer - goofy footer

Born in Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brasil

Started surfing with 4 years old with his dad

Turned professional on the age of 18

Sponsors & Supporters:

Down The Hatch

Sharp Eye Surfboards

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy

Lahaina Organics

The Block Lahaina


State champion in São Paulo - Biggest Tourney in the Country

2 x Ubatuba champion

Made part of the ISA games Brazilian team in 2014 (selection)

Living in Maui for 7 months now

Participating on the WQS (WSL - world qualifying series 2019)
Philippe's goal is to qualify for the WQS 6000 - 10,000 events during the current year so he can dream about making the top 32 in the World Championship Tour. Philippe is competing in the WQS 1000-1500-3000 points events.


* A Philippe Chagas Surfboard

dimensions = 5'9" x 19.25 x 2.50. Epoxy

* Schwag from We paddle Maui

* Breathe HI Activewear gear!

* One surf lesson with Philippe Chagas!


See some footage of Philippe @ his YouTube Channel!

Follow Philippe on Facebook & Instagram!